Wedding Planner

Sourav plans all the things so flawlessly that when the event actually happens, it looks like a movie sequence and the venue like a huge movie set. With a large group of enthusiastic, passionate and creative people our company provides all in one solution for wedding. We take care of all the troublesome jobs in a wedding event, so that you can live and enjoy every bit of the most memorable event of your life.

We make a dream come true experience for our clients, with our creativity, love and passion towards making something larger than life to make it really grand. But this grand marriage ceremony doesn’t mean to give your pocket immense pressure, as we keep everything within your budget and pocket. To make this possible we takes an organised way to conduct the event and keep all the tracks and fund separated in every step, so nothing wrong can happen in the process.

Here is a normal sequence and steps to execute for the process of a wedding event.

  • Budgeting
  • Choosing a theme
  • Booking a suitable venue
  • Shopping for the logistical items
  • Listing the guests
  • Picking or designing invitation cards
  • Sending them out to the invitees
  • Selecting the food menu
  • Designing custom-made bridal costume
  • Managing music programs
  • Conducting the pre-marital rituals
  • Booking a florist, music band, make-up artist, officiates, etc.
  • Decorating the banquet halls and the adjoining grounds
  • Doing the lighting
  • Bridal make-up and dress-up
  • Welcoming the guests
  • Photography and videography
  • Accommodation for the guests
  • Transportation
  • Following up with the suppliers
  • Personally attending to the bride and groom
  • Getting the best honeymoon deals for the preferred destinations


Why Choose Us Amongst all other Wedding Planners in Kolkata?

You might be wondering there are many more other wedding planners are there in Kolkata, so what makes us more suitable for you than others.

Well, that is because we can make your wedding event as big as you want or dreamt of. But at the same time we will not give you a big process. You don’t have to talk to many managers to get the update of your event. We simplify things for you and know how much the marriage event values for marrying couple and their close ones.

So contact best caterer in north Kolkata, today to step forward to have a helping hand for a peaceful, well-managed wedding.