Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

We are one of the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, because we are passionate about what we do and we captures precious moment of your life and make it a piece of art. Through the wedding photography we tell a successful love story and with new assignments we create a new fairy tale of a wedding.

Candid Photography has been a new trend among couples getting married in the recent years. Photographs of dating Couples getting photographed at an outdoor location before getting married is called a ‘Pre-wedding’ photography, whereas arranged marriages are provided with “post-wedding” photographs in a similar way after a few days of their marriage.

With clients based in all over India and Kolkata based wedding planner we provide all in one solution for your wedding. With the increased use of social media candid photography is became more popular these days and everybody wants to have a full wedding photo album of candid photos. Couples who want to have a destination wedding somewhere in Rajasthan or may be Goa, photography for main wedding ceremony, all other rituals and scenic view of mesmerizing locations is became very important.

All rituals plays a major role in Bengali marriages and almost a week long marriage ceremony have many precious moments to capture. Photography was an integral part of any wedding since ages, but now a days it has become more trending as people are now more open to do experiments. Also social media plays a major role in this segment. You can check our work related to wedding photography in Kolkata in our gallery. Also check our facebook page for more and regular updates of our work.

We have the ability to perceive things differently, so our experienced eyes and stable hands works perfectly to create the magic by capturing magical moments and specials smiles of your dearer and nearer ones. We believe that marriages are made in heaven but we create and captures all the earthly moments and make them eternal.