Guest Accommodation

Guest Accommodation for Weddings

Uggh! Another wedding invitation that require travel.

That’s the reaction most of the people have when they receive an invite for a wedding that will require travel.

After all a wedding can cost out of city guests thousands of rupees per person when you factor in the airfare, hotel, car rental, activities, food and loss of time at work. But it can be a great pleasure if you can take care all the aspect of the tour and guest accommodation properly.

We are here to help in such cases. May be you wish to have a destination wedding, beach wedding or a royal wedding at any royal palace of Rajasthan. Then it is obvious that it will cost time & money, but we assure you the best experience of lifetime for all the guests with traditional activities, rituals at the remote location and guest accommodation at best area where all people can enjoy the whole wedding throughout all day long with delicious foods.