Best Catering menu for a Royal Wedding


A royal wedding ceremony is considered to be a grand way to celebrate your weddings. A royal wedding celebration include high profile staying for guests , highly decorative party venue plus a delicious big range of  food and beverages at the meal . Hosts need to take care of all things that come during the arrangements at the best. An event organized with a planned manner will remain in minds of attendants for a long time. If you have a good budget, you can make your wedding event regal.

Best Catering menu will cater to all your guests needs and will make them applaud you. If you have a dream to give your guests high quality hostile services, take a look at the menu that you will be having at the event. Wedding Caterers make sure you are able to host the party as you wish. They help you arranging the event as you ever wish. Professional wedding caterers mould your wedding event in a royal form quite comfortably.

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How to plan a wedding event at very affordable cost


Wedding is a special event in everyone’s life. You invite your family, friends, and relatives to attend this memorable event. In fact marriage is considered as the biggest event of life. You need to do many task to make your function complete with full enjoyments .But for this you must take care of all belongings so it is better if you choose Wedding Planner for this purpose .

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How to make sure you have Bengali food versatility in catering for a party


If you chose a better caterer for any occasion, it makes sure your guest get the delicious food of their personal taste.  If you are having a wedding in Bengali region like in city Kolkata then you must be looking for a high quality Bengali Food Catering in Kolkata to ensure about the quality food served to your guests.

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Tips to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with Seasonal Wedding Catering


The winter season is the best to get married. If you want to make it a unforgettable moments for you and for your relatives and friends just follow the latest trends in all ceremonies.  Analyze current trends and follow tips and ideas for your perfect winter wedding parties. Wedding caterer in Kolkata always use catering based on season. Each wedding functions will be having an elite stamp on the minds of guest and hosts. Here are few latest tips that are trending in this winter season.

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Know the Latest Catering Trends Caterers in Kolkata Follow


Catering is all important in any parties and functions. Intelligent planning results in cutting costs without compromising the standards that all we need whenever we throw a party. We celebrate our lives moments with friends, family and relatives and this is most often done by throwing a party. If you keep an eye on latest catering trends sure your party will be a memorable one. Smart catering with warm welcome of guests are the important ingredients of a successful gathering. Caterer in Kolkata does follow the current trends for each grand occasion of your life.

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