Why We are One of the Best Wedding Planner Listed on JustDial Kolkata?

best reviewed wedding planner on justdial kolkata

If you take a moment to look into our listing page on JustDial.com, then you can clearly see that we have one of the best (if not only the best) reviews in Kolkata for wedding planning, catering, decorations etc. So what makes us so different than others? How we are making our clients happier consistently for over a decade now?

Love & Passion towards what we do.

Whatever the service we are providing, be it wedding planning, catering or decoration, we do it with passion to do the best and always better from previous works. We think these things as real art and we are the artists. With every successful event we touches heart of people. During the ceremony and after often people come to us saying that how they liked the venue decoration, food and catering styles. And that is the best reward we can get.

few best reviews

If you look at the screenshot above it is showing few reviews of our happy clients and few of them also having good comments in it. And one thing is noticeable here all reviews featuring in this picture having 5 stars. This is the best remuneration for what we do and justdial is very good at showcasing people’s love & affection towards our work.

In wedding planning service we provide all-in-one service from shopping for wedding to honeymoon package. Also if you want you can choose a part service from it like catering or stage and venue decoration or may be photography. If you look at our gallery which is full of images to show you our work, you can find richness of our work. We make your life event larger than life and much more memorable.

Wedding Decoration

In decoration part our team do exceptionally well-coordinated work to make it grand for you and for all. In it we do lighting, flower decoration, stage decoration with artistic views. Also we do world class veg & ice carving. After seeing this kind of work our clients get spell-bounded and they simply say WOW!

Catering is another best part of our work and food is our love & passion. We know the value of it in Indian weddings and we serve it in a way which people always talk about. We have wide range of catering items in kolkata and in it we have veg, non-veg items, live counter for carious food items. Also we have our signature item, which is special and unique itself.

Now you have get a clear view why we are one of best reviewed caterer and wedding planner in Kolkata. But it will not be possible without a happy client like you. Appreciation of our clients give us the inspiration to do more & more beautiful memorable events.

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