Get nostalgic with our food items of North Kolkata


Kolkata is a versatile city of India. It is known as cultural capital of India inside and outside India. People love to eat delicious food there. Kolkata is famous for special recipes of food. Various food items of the region are popular throughout the world. A good Caterer in Kolkata prepares lusty foods for guests on all occasions. Selecting good caterers is very important for any event even it is a small or big event. People get more appreciation of guests if caterer serves and prepare food in the better ways.

These are some food items we are specialist in:-

  1. Phuchka, Churmur

One of the most iconic food of Kolkata region is Phuchka, Churmur. You can see people love to eat this dish on every street. It is a dish make up of the filling of spiced mashed potatoes dipped in tamarind water.

  1. Jhalmuri

Kolkata is known for its delicious special food Jhalmuri . This auspicious food is made up of puffed rice. To increase taste chopped onions, chillis, tomatoes, coriander are added to it. It is generally tossed in mustard oil.

  1. Kathi Roll

Kathi roll is a special dish people held in the hand and eat bite by bite. It is a special kind of chappati that is filled with any delicious mixture. Mostly people use keema, paneer or fried egg inside it.

  1. Ghugni

Ghugni is made of peas, these peas can be yellow or white. These peas then boiled and tossted. To make extra taste you can include coriander, coconut, onion, chillis and tomatoes are added to it.

  1. Dahi Vada or Doi Bora

Dahi vada is in fact a popular dish of entire India and known with different names like Doi Bora or Dahi Bhalla etc. This vada are made up of soft peas and dip in dahi or curd. This juicy curd made this dish special as special masala, chilli powder, lime, coriander or pudina leaves, pepper, coconut powder etc are added to it to make it spicy and tasty.

  1. Radha Ballavi

A very famous dish of north Kolkata .It is deep fried dish just like normal puri. It is served with many liquid items like dal, chana, or special torkari. In fact, Radha Ballavis are most popular and most delicious dish of the city. Radha Ballavi are in fact tastiest form of puri as these are made up of masala or Green Indian peas pasted and pureed inside. Caterers in north Kolkata are popular for their dishes that make you suck your fingers after eating any of these dishes.

There are many other popular north Kolkata dishes that make water in mouth like shingara , kulfi, jalebi and fish cutlets and alu kabli, ghoti groom . Caterers in Kolkata are expert in making these dishes on regular bases. They can make your event the delicious ones if you give them a chance to serve you any time. These caterers are popular all the ways for their neat and tasty food.

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