Food is the integral & important part of any event and we know it best


Catering services are considered best if they are able to serve inexpensive and memorable meal. Thankfully, there are so many quality Catering Services in Kolkata .You can choose one from them to make your event memorable by providing delicious food to your guests. Selecting a good caterer is as important as choosing the right venue for the event. When planning an event where you are inviting a bunch of your friends or family members or guests it is really important how are you planning for the meals.

Quality catering services are available inside our roof at the most affordable rates. However we never compromise the quality of catering and food.

We are expert in all types of cuisines

You can opt us without hesitation for preparing food for any of our event. We feel proud to be your favorite Caterer in Kolkata for any event. We promise any type of cuisines for your guests .You can ask us for preparing not only south Indian food even we are having expertise in  traditional or latest cuisines of any Indian region. All items will be delicious and par the excellence. Some common food items that are our sign of excellence are radha ballav, dahi bada, fish meals, dosa, utpam etc.

We are expert in theme based dishes

If you ever wish to organize a theme based party like Halloween or fairy tale and want to offer same theme based dishes to your guests , no worries we are with you any time to prepare the food you wish. If you have a cocks tail event we can prepare lusty beverages too! . Chocolate based food items are prepared by us at best.

We make a unique combination of tasty and health dishes

Health is always important. It is must for a host or caterer to prepare healthy food for event. We are known for hygienic food that is tastier than ever!  A proper set of spices are used with general healthy items like pepper, green chili, coriander and onion etc those not only increase taste but also make food healthier! Neat and cleanliness is our another specialty that we maintain all the time while cooking and serving food.

Food is the integral & important part of a successful party. A delicious food that makes your guest suck their fingers is guarantee from our side. Proper combination of raw ingredients and spices make our food lusty. We have a long experience in catering area and so our workers.

We promise that you and your guests will undoubtedly enjoy the unique dishes prepared by us. We are choice of all for every event like birthday or weddings. We know how to steal the heart for your guests by serving the delicious tasty foods.

The best part of our services is that our services are affordable. Your family and friends will have a favorable experience as we know exactly how to prepare the best food. We are among top Caterers in Kolkata those have a so vast variety of cuisines for the meals.

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