Catering ideas for royal weddings


It is important that wedding celebration must be done in a way that all will enjoy and appreciate. You must choose a high class wedding caterers for your wedding if you want to celebrate the event in a royal manner. These caterers are professional and are able to deliver well managed personalized services to your guests. There are so many tiny, small and common details involved in a wedding event and it is quite common that you self can forget any one of these at the most crucial moment .Thus to plan a successful of party in am empirical manner use these tips and hire a top rated wedding caterer.

Focus on enjoyment and comfort of all

Royal wedding is a dream come true if and only if your guest enjoy it. Take all consideration for enjoyment of guests. All cushion and rest rooms must be well equipped where everyone feel comfortable to take rest and feel relax. Find out the best seating arrangements to let them enjoy the event at best. Keep the central sitting area near the stage.

Test before guest’s arrival

It is must to take time to time inspection of preparations before your guests arrive. Make sure all curtains, tents, tables and food is on place. Take a look at the covers on tables and sofas. Make sure the mat on the floor is neat and clean.

The Grand Entrance

An auspicious entrance is must for a royal wedding. It is a grand idea to ask your caterer to provide cheer girls to welcome guests. It is must that top members of the family receive the guests at the main entrance. Fill the entrance with flowers. Welcome music spread the wave of enthusiasm while conducting a grand entrance. It is a good idea to make them feel enjoyful from the entrance point.

Multiple Dishes and Cuisines

 It is the most important thing that you have a delicious food on the occasion .The royal wedding celebration can be done only if you have a variety of dishes in menu. A combination of common and special cuisines makes a perfect royal wedding. India cuisines like north Indian, south Indian are very common on high class weddings. To take more royal you can include some common recipes outside the country.

Moving Waiters and Waitress

Royal wedding is where each guest gets personal attention. It is impossible for hosts to take care of everyone in the party .So you should hire extra waiters for this task. Lady waitresses are now common part of royal parties for serving as moving food carrier especially the light food or drink.

Wedding caterers not only organize any event in a planned manner, these services save money too and keep you away from tons of pressure and responsibilities on the wedding event. To enjoy a wedding at best or in royal feelings you must include versatile food recipes, royal looking decoration and try to give a return gift to the attendants to make your event memorable too.


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