Best Catering menu for a Royal Wedding


A royal wedding ceremony is considered to be a grand way to celebrate your weddings. A royal wedding celebration include high profile staying for guests , highly decorative party venue plus a delicious big range of  food and beverages at the meal . Hosts need to take care of all things that come during the arrangements at the best. An event organized with a planned manner will remain in minds of attendants for a long time. If you have a good budget, you can make your wedding event regal.

Best Catering menu will cater to all your guests needs and will make them applaud you. If you have a dream to give your guests high quality hostile services, take a look at the menu that you will be having at the event. Wedding Caterers make sure you are able to host the party as you wish. They help you arranging the event as you ever wish. Professional wedding caterers mould your wedding event in a royal form quite comfortably.

Versatile Recipes

To take your wedding a royal move, the first and foremost thing is include as many dishes you can add. A queue of stalls of food is must to organize a grand party. On these stalls food of different tastes and origins should be there. Like common food of south Indian, north Indian, Bengali and Chinese taste must be included in your menu. Foreign recipes will add more shine to the event.

Versatile Liquid

Huge success of wedding depends upon the arrangement of drinks in the party. Various types of hot and cold drinks should be there. Juices of different fruits and vegetables are considered as the vital part of high profile weddings. Juices of expensive fruits like grapes, apples, strawberries are cool ones to add in the menu .However coffee and cold drinks are must of every event.

Big venue and Grand Decoration

You must hire a big venue to celebrate the event in the most opulence. Big venue considered as the sign of royal events. Instruct your wedding planners to decorate the venue with royal looking tents, tables and sofas. Colorful lighting should be there and crackers can enhance the event too.

Beverages and After Meals

Beverages of different places are must to make your wedding event more successful. Idli ,Dosa, Caumean, Poha , kher, utpametc are favorite of all . If you include such beverages, sure you are hosting a royal event. Including after meals is considered a sign of dynasty. Including after meals of different stats is a sign of really high grade wedding event.

A successful event will have to plan appropriately if you wish to make it a memorable and royal. A high level of collaboration along with wedding planners will help you select the better venue and the other requirements of the wedding reception. Best Caterers in Kolkata are there to make your wedding event an unforgettable, royal and unique if you ever wish to celebrate your wedding events in a really imperial mood.

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