How to make sure you have Bengali food versatility in catering for a party


If you chose a better caterer for any occasion, it makes sure your guest get the delicious food of their personal taste.  If you are having a wedding in Bengali region like in city Kolkata then you must be looking for a high quality Bengali Food Catering in Kolkata to ensure about the quality food served to your guests.

First and foremost don’t forget sweets

Bengal sweetmeats are vital part of any party. It is better to ask your  Wedding Caterer to prepare rasgulla, mishtidoi and sandesh for your party .These are choice of all Bengali people and hope you will be able to woo your friends and guest those will also come from  outside the state to attend this auspicious event . Barfis, halwas, namkeens and ladoos are some common benagli sweets that make all functions shines at best.

Bengali food is incomplete without fish

Whenever you are arranging a party and you are a Bengali origin then I bet you must be loving fish. All your friends, relatives and guest are prone to see some delicious food made by fish at every event. Thus instruct your Wedding Caterer to prepare food with a recipe of fish. Bengali’s love fish and why not you should offer your guest favorite food in your party.   In fact, rice and fish is a well known staple food of Bengal.

Must have some special for pure vegetarian guests

If you want to host a party where everyone get food of their choice just make sure your have food for people those like vegetarian stuff. No guest should face problem in finding vegan cuisines on the tables.  Wedding Caterer must prepare lusty food forstrict and pure vegetarian. Bengalis people have special liking for vegetables and they also eat chapattis.

Give Extra flavor of some other regional foods and light food

Indeed it is a good idea to include variety of cuisines of different states of India. You can pick single or more favorite dishes of some common Indian states and can make your wedding really specially. North Indian, South Indian and the special recipes of Gujarat, Maharashtra are able to make some different opulence to your function. For a light flavor to your food you can include Puchka, Jhal-muri, Singharas, Kachaouri, Momos and all types of fried items.

Keep all the catering clean and according to weather

A well decorated party venture is expected from each host. You are not an exception. People must enjoy recipes as well as must appreciate the cleanliness and decoration of venue. In summer your Wedding Caterer must have proper space in tents for air ventilation and in cold you must be having some arrangement to make the climate warm.

If these factors are taken care by your Wedding Caterer sure you will have a happy party. Bengali Food Catering in Kolkata always done with best with reputed caterers which makes them very popular due to delicious tastes of food as well as they are  reasonable within the reach of the budget.


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