Tips to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with Seasonal Wedding Catering


The winter season is the best to get married. If you want to make it a unforgettable moments for you and for your relatives and friends just follow the latest trends in all ceremonies.  Analyze current trends and follow tips and ideas for your perfect winter wedding parties. Wedding caterer in Kolkata always use catering based on season. Each wedding functions will be having an elite stamp on the minds of guest and hosts. Here are few latest tips that are trending in this winter season.

Seasonal and Traditional sweets

If you are celebrating wedding then care should be taken that guest should be having delicious sweets. Good wedding planner services provide traditional sweets made up of seasonal ingredients. They understand the seasonal requirements and serve best dishes to the guests.

Winter Fabrics

Winter fabrics must be used for all sheets and sofas. Season compatible carpets are really welcomed by everyone. You must be having enough and cozy space to sit and rest .So use ample amount of sofas beds and chairs. All servicing people also must be having winter dresses.

Subtle mixture of candles and flowers

Flowers are sign of energy and happiness .In winter flowers have awesome aura. Thus you should fill environment with aroma and beauty of flowers. You can ask your caterer to use different flowers if you are having a winter wedding. Candles are special in winter season as it creates breezy environment.

Best Winter Colors combination

There are trending rules about colors combination this season. You can make your wedding special by using latest winter wedding catering trends. Your color palate must be having focus to one main color and two complimenting shades. Ice blue is a best color in this season. A shade of pure white, silver, and sparkles will make your catering special and unique. Light color steals heart quite comfortably.

Set tables around fire heat

Tables set for dinner in your winter wedding colors if equipped with equipments to keep away cold are best choice this season. Little fire boxes can be arranged to give your guest a special feeling in this cold time of the year!

Decorative salad of winter vegetables

Salad is an important part of meals all the time regardless of season. In this winter season if you decorate center tables with different and unique designs of salad like circle, flowers and rectangles it will attract your guests at best. Seasonal vegetable and pickles are always in trend while you serve salad to your guests.  Winter vegetables like carrot, peas, and cauliflowers are having dashing colors in themselves so it is easy to make perfect salad scenery on center dining tables. Best caterers in Kolkata do employ these trends in your parties.

Wedding caterers in Kolkata always keep an eye on changing trends and use these trends to your spice up yours functions too. If you are a good host you must know, what is best and trending this winter season so that you can welcome your guest at best.

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