Know the Latest Catering Trends Caterers in Kolkata Follow


Catering is all important in any parties and functions. Intelligent planning results in cutting costs without compromising the standards that all we need whenever we throw a party. We celebrate our lives moments with friends, family and relatives and this is most often done by throwing a party. If you keep an eye on latest catering trends sure your party will be a memorable one. Smart catering with warm welcome of guests are the important ingredients of a successful gathering. Caterer in Kolkata does follow the current trends for each grand occasion of your life.

Inexpensive favorites to menus are popular

Focuses on items those are inexpensive but have delicious tastes are becoming the part of every party. Catering services doing best by showcasing cheaper but no less tasty ingredients as the vital part of menu. No need to say they served all these dishes in imaginative ways.

All drinks are served at one place

Full bars facilities are obsolete now .The new way is to serve an alcoholic or non-alcoholic punch at the same place to get things going at the best. Champagne and wine are still be on the menu but not served at different counters. Different types of soda, cold drinks and juices are become popular, especially with younger guests.

Healthy Food is on priority

Health is wealth is followed by all good caterers in parties. High spicy foods are replaced by chicken, fish, sea food, peas and vegetables. Locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables are now getting place in dishes.  They are much cheaper than imported and out of season ingredients.  Best caterer in Kolkata add Bengali dishes in meals those are having good amount of nutrients.

Round Tables arrangements

Dining together is earning popularity. In the modern time people only meet on these occasions so they like to talk during meals on such places so caterers arrange dining tables in the party lawn. It reduces the number of carting staff to a minimum and crockery. It also reduces the waiting line on counters.

Desserts are in small bites

Desserts are always been a part of meals. In fact still today sweets are vital part of meals but with a little modification in serving style. The recent trends have been put on small individual sweet bites, as opposed to the rather outdated full sized offerings like big pieces of sweets.  Bite sized offering are much more economical and less wasteful as people take few bites at a time on plates rather than single big piece unlike wasteful old style of caterings.

Ice cream combos in various flavors

Ice creams are vital in today’s parties .Thus caterers must serve it too in your functions. Ice creams and softies are served in various flavors like chocolate, flowers and fruits flavors. Caterer in Kolkata use local flavored ice creams in meals for making parties more ethnic.

These latest trends in catering do keep you move with the world.  Best caterer in Kolkata always give their clients the economic services blend with contemporary standards.

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  2. So beautiful & creative wedding planning.
    Colourful ways & modern trends make a fusion. Lounge arrangement is so innovative and awesome!?

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